Wellness Evolved


For almost a decade we’ve helped clients manage their stress and muscle/skeletal pain. We noticed postural patterns to be the cause in the majority of our clients. But mental health was the main culprit.

Time and time again our clients would get temporary relief but continue to come in months or even years later, with the same problems, sometimes much worse. (The longer you live with your body out of alignment, “poor posture”, the higher the probability of you developing serious, painful, debilitating conditions).

We began to realize what usually prevented our clients from getting better was poor mental and physical habits. (Mental health is a crucial factor in physical health and vice versa).

Thus we set out on our journey to learn the science of behavior change. Maximizing results. Not only for pain and stress relief but for over all wellness, body and mind.

Quintessential Living now provides Wellness Coaching globally to help our clients change bad habits and develop better behaviors. Helping improve your life satisfaction in different areas, from health and fitness to love and family.

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