Pain and Stress Management

Engineers and common sense will tell you that a mechanical object with a faulty structure will not function properly. This is why posture is so crucial for optimal health.

At Quintessential Living we use advanced myo/skeletal techniques combined with massage therapy and various healing modalities to balance the body. Improving form and function.

Being in proper alignment helps the body move more efficiently which prevents it from breaking down as quickly. It also helps combat and counteract disease. This can help manage and more importantly, prevent many common painful conditions.  E.g. back & neck pain, carpel tunnel, sciatica , even arthritis.

As masters in the scientifically proven, healing art of touch, we make being healthy feel good.

Healthy Hedonism

Healthy Hedonism

Yes it feels good but that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty for indulging. You work hard you’ve earned it. The facts are, massage therapy  is good for you and your health.

Your body especially should be maintained for optimal efficiency and long life. You spend valuable time and money maintaining equipment. Shouldn’t you care for your body so you’re able to enjoy all those other things you care for?

If you feel good, mentally and physically, you’re more effective and efficient. Life’s just better.

When you’re efficient at work, you have more time and money to do the things you want to do.

Contact Us and Book some Healthy Hedonism today!

Unlike our Wellness Coaching, this service is only available for clients in select cities from Los Angeles and Orange County Surrounding areas.


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